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Rules of procedure

Art. 1.- The lodging services provided by this establishment and the relations that occur with respect to it will be governed by the commercial legislation, and additionally by the applicable civil legislation, the applicable official Mexican standards, the Federal Tourism Law and its Regulations, the applicable laws and regulations issued by Mexican authorities in their respective field of competence,  and other common uses and practices governing the subject matter in these facilities, mandatory provisions, known and accepted by the parties; the parties being subject to the jurisdiction of the competent Mexican courts.


Art. 2.- Any person staying in this establishment is obliged to register on the card or special books that for this purpose will be carried out by the establishment or its manager. Likewise, you must show official identification with a valid photograph, both your own and the people who will be occupying the room. When guests are part of a group, your representative will fill out the registration form and provide a list of guests who meet the above requirements.

In the case of accommodation services for groups contracted prior to arrival, the group representative must send the registration forms well in advance. The Hotel may refuse to provide accommodation if these requirements are not met.


Art. 3.- Check-in for rooms is from 3 pm every day without exception.


Art. 4.- The Guest must vacate the room no later than 12:00 pm on the  day of departure, counting the Guest with 60 minutes of tolerance. Guest does not vacate the room before the appointed time, said stay will be considered as an implicit and voluntary extension of the lodging service, the Guest being obliged to pay the corresponding accommodation at the rate of one day, and so on, to the public price indicated by the Hotel. In this case, the Hotel may, prior notice to the Guest, to terminate the accommodation at any time.


Art. 5.- The lodging service must be paid according to the conditions specified in the reservation request when the reservation process is carried out. Upon arrival, the guest must pay the total amount of his stay and assumes the obligation to pay for the lodging services and other services or consumptions made by him and his companions during his stay, when required by the Hotel, and at the latest before his departure. If the client does not pay on time, he loses the right to use the room. Likewise, the administration will issue detailed payment vouchers for the services provided and the amount covered by them when the guest requests it. It is worth mentioning that the hotel does not assume responsibility for external services contracted such as taxis, dry cleaning, doctors, etc.


  1. In this case, it may be required to guarantee payment to the lodging the signature of a promissory note (Boucher) or the hotel will require a credit card as a guarantee.


Art. 6.- The lack of payment by the Guest, will be cause for termination of the lodging service, and even of all the additional services contracted even if they accrue, being obliged the Guest and his companions to leave the hotel and if necessary the luggage and other goods of the Guest as well as his companions enter the establishment and are presumed to be their property (unless expressly reported otherwise) they will be liable for the debts generated and the Hotel may, if it so decides, retain them as a guarantee and execute them in terms in the terms of the provisions of article 2669 of the Federal Civil Code and its correlative in the states.

 In this case, and without prejudice to the right of the Hotel to exercise other powers, and that its collection actions are understood to have been waived, Hotel may require the use of public force to demand that the vacancy of the room be carried out. The Hotel informs the Guest that failure to pay the Guest's debts to the Hotel may constitute a crime.


Art. 7.- When the Guest is absent for more than twenty-four hours without prior notice to the Hotel administration, he may terminate the lodging contract without any liability, if the payment guarantee granted by the Guest upon arrival does not cover the amount of the debt with the Hotel in which case, the Hotel will proceed to collect and retain the belongings of the Guest and his companions as specified in the previous article.


Art. 8.- In the event that the Guest is absent for more than two hours after the end of his contract and the hotel has a new reservation scheduled for the same room, he may remove the belongings of said Guest without a nuisance on his part because the Guest is aware that the contract has ended.


Art. 9.- The Guest may not be accompanied or accommodated in his room to persons other than those registered, and in any case they will give prior notice to the Hotel in the variation or identity of the persons who were originally registered. These provisions include minors. In no case, the number of people staying in each room will be greater than the maximum capacity assigned by the Hotel to the corresponding room. The Hotel reserves the right not to allow accommodation or access to people to the Hotel facilities.


Art. 10.- It is strictly forbidden for Guests and their companions:

  1. The commission of crimes or offenses of a criminal nature regardless of their type; even if criminal liability has not been determined, the introduction of property related to criminal crimes or offenses regardless  of their type, and there is no criminal liability, who are responsible for alleged criminal acts, or victims of crimes

  2. The introduction, use, consumption, supply, distribution or of drugs, narcotics, narcotics, psychotropic, enervants or similar substances even when they are for personal and immediate consumption in terms of applicable legislation.

  3. The introduction of alcoholic beverages, the supply or permitting of the supply of alcoholic beverages to minors, regardless of origin.

  4. Perform acts that disturb or inconvenience the rest of the guests and collaborators of the Hotel, alter public order, generate annoying or strident noises, disobey Hotel safety instructions this regulation, or the laws and regulations in force.

  5. Introduce food and beverages purchased outside the Hotel, or having acquired them at the Hotel, move them within the facilities to places where their introduction is not allowed.

  6. Introduce animals to the Hotel.

  7.  Introduce flammable substances to Hotel.

  8. Use electrical appliances that may cause a fire or alter the ordinary flow of electrical voltage of the hotel, such as irons, curling dryers, among others.

  9. Use the equipment of the rooms and the Hotel for purposes other than their own according to their nature and appropriate and moderate use.

  10. Use the electrical systems, hydraulic, mechanical and electronic devices of the Hotel for purposes not proper in accordance with their nature, purpose and security measures.

  11. Deteriorate or destroy the facilities, furniture and equipment of the Hotel.

  12. Execute any act that causes moral damages and damages to other guests, the Hotel, its collaborators, and in general acts contrary to decorum or social coexistence.

  13. Without prejudice to the exercise of other actions, the Hotel reserves the right to immediately terminate the lodging service when any of the aforementioned prohibitions are violated, without the guest being exempt from full payment for the accommodation services initially contracted or  being entitled to reimbursement of the proportional part, or any reduction in the price, being also obliged to pay the moral damages and losses caused by its  proceed.

Art. 11.- The Guest and his companions are obliged to follow the rules of use of the facilities and spaces of the Hotel to follow the safety and prevention indications that hotel staff let them know either in habitual or catastrophic situations.


Article 12.- The guest and his companions are obliged to inform the Hotel of the suffering of contagious diseases, accidents, deaths; infractions or crimes that occur in the Hotel and are of your knowledge so that the Hotel can take the appropriate measures.


Art.13.- The Hotel is not responsible for damages, including moral damage, derived from services or acts contracted with third parties, or occurred outside and within the Hotel facilities, accidents derived from activities or extreme sports, such as skydiving, abseiling, mountain biking, paragliding, motorcycling, diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, banana, motorcycle among others. without being limited to such activities that the Guest or his companions may suffer during their stay. Additionally, the Guest is informed that there are certain areas of the Hotel and the rooms in which the floor may be slippery or uneven, so it asks the Guest and his companions to take the corresponding precautions; Use footwear at all times, avoid traveling with wet clothes, do not run or push others, use the mats of rooms and bathrooms, prevent flooding in bathrooms and rooms, remove the cover of the drains so that the water flows.


Art.14.- The persons who represent the Hotel, or the personnel assigned to the provision of the services of the Hotel, attention to guests or care of the facilities, will have free access to the rooms of the Guests.


Art.15.- The Hotel may terminate the lodging service or other additional services contracted, for any breach of the provisions of these Regulations or other applicable provisions, without the Guest being exempt from full payment for the accommodation services initially contracted, is entitled to reimbursement of the proportional part or any reduction in the price:  being also obliged to pay or compensate for damages, moral damages and losses caused by its proceeding.


Art.-16.- The Reservation constitutes a preparatory agreement of lodging that is perfected when the Hotel sends in writing the request of the Guest, and this ratifies his request fulfilling the conditions that were fixed, unless otherwise agreed, as necessary requirements for the perfection of the reservation, the deposit in advance of the amount of the price of the accommodation with the anticipation and in the conditions established by the Hotel. In case the deposit is made by a non-immediate means of payment, said will be received unless good collection.


Art.-17.- The rooms will be reserved in favor of the Guest who requested the reservation (without advance payment) until 6:00 p.m. on the first day of the stay, after which the Hotel may reassign them to other guests, unless said room has been duly guaranteed by the Guest through the form established for this purpose by the Hotel.  Tratándose of reservations under the scheme of Groups (understood as the reservations of 3 or more rooms) that will be governed by the conditions agreed by the parties to that effect.


Art.-18.- The Guest who cancels his reservation, has the right to be refunded the amount of the deposit he has made, provided that the notification of cancellation comes to the knowledge of the Hotel within the period indicated for this purpose within the cancellation policies implicit at the time of making the requesting reservation.

In the event that the guest does not send the notification of cancellation in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph, he will lose the right to reimbursement corresponding  to the deposit or payment made, unless the Hotel exceptionally provides otherwise.

Art.19.- The hotel is not responsible for the losses that the guest may suffer in money and values forgotten in common areas. The objects or values forgotten by a guest in the room will remain in the custody of the hotel administration for a term of 30 days, after this period and as there is no claim, they will be discarded.


Art. 20.- The hotel is not responsible for damage or theft that may suffer the means of transport of the Client in the establishment.


Art. 21.- The schedule for use of the hotel pool is from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm this schedule only extends one hour in high seasons or in case the administration dictates so.

  1. Since the pool needs to be treated with chemicals for cleaning, if any client decides to enter the pool after the established hours, it is under their own responsibility and the Hotel will not be responsible for any incidents they may suffer.

  2. The users of the pool must respect the regulations of the same without exception.

Art. 22.- Customers are not allowed to have any type of animals in the room, except those that help the disabled.


Art. 23.- The use to be made of furniture, clothing and other objects of service shall be rational and moderate, taking due care of them. In the event that the guest damages such objects, intentionally or accidentally, he must report it to the administration and if necessary pay the cost of this. In case of subtracting them from the hotel, the charge corresponding to the good in question will be made and whose price will be the one established by the market at the time of the incident.


Art. 23.- When leaving his room, every guest has the obligation to leave the doors, windows, water faucets closed, turn off the lights, as well as return the keys of his room to the administration.


Art. 24.- All clients are obliged to respect the rules and restrictions indicated by the different areas that make up Hotel Los Ángeles, otherwise the corresponding measures may be taken.


Art. 25.- The hotel will offer the luggage storage service for up to a maximum of 12 hours upon request of the guest.


Art. 26.- Guests must behave with decency and morality within the establishment, being prohibited to disturb the order by making noises that disturb or disturb other guests, as well as to use the room to execute any act or game prohibited by law.


Art. 27.- Any complaint, suggestion or congratulation must be noted in the forms of complaints and suggestions that the hotel administration has available to users at the reception, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Tourism.


Art. 28.- In the provision of services by this hotel there shall be no discrimination on grounds of sex, political creed, religion, nationality or social status.

Article 29.- The establishment may refuse its services when the guest is present in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs or narcotics or when it is intended to give use other than the lodging service.

Art. 30.- Failure to comply with these Internal Lodging Regulations by the guest will be grounds for termination of the lodging contract, without legal liability for the company.

Art.- 31 We reiterate that these Regulations  have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Official Mexican Standards, the Federal Tourism Law in force and the provisions of the Regulations, being mandator

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